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 Are at the The Arena at Thorpe Lakes, Thorpe Road, Chertsey, Surrey

on 12th - 14th July 2019  to compete in honour of one of

the UK's greatest ever athletes

often regarded as the greatest slalom skier of all time 

Raised in the village of Warton, Lancashire, by local garage owners Roy and Janet Mapple, Andy Mapple OBE was a British-American professional water skier who went on to win 168 professional titles before his sudden death at the age of 52.


Andy developed his love of the sport during childhood holidays to Lake Windemere,  Andy's father Roy, who helped him take his first steps in the sport, said: “He would never talk about his achievements – he was a quiet lad, humble and kind.”

The governing body of British Waterski (BWSW) described Andy as ‘an icon and a hero’, that Andy Mapple was the greatest slalom skier who ever lived is indisputable, but it does little justice to the man he actually was.  He was a gentleman, an innovator, an ambassador, a man possessed of a great sense of humour, a family man, a friend and an inspiration.”

Andy moved to Windemere, Florida in the 1980's where he lived with wife Deena Brush – also a water-ski champion – and their two children Michael and Elyssa.

For services to Sport - Andy was awarded an OBE in the Queen's Jubilee year birthday honours list.

Andy Mapple

Andy Mapple OBE (3 November 1962 – 22 August 2015)

what is slalom waterskiing?
 0 - 60 in UNDER 3 seconds 
makes YOUR

Imagine that feeling 6 times in succession and you have Slalom waterskiing.

Slalom waterskiers are addicted to the thrill of acceleration and without the protection of a metal body around you, getting that thrill demands skill, courage and dedication.

Take it to the top level and competing on the slalom course takes the sport to the extremes of human capability.  Lightning fast turns mean bodies endure up to 4G while stretching to unbelievable lengths.


Making the end of the course means remaining on a track no wider than a gymnasts beam, at up to 70mph, over a distance of 250 metres while a boat with the pulling power of 600 horses tries it's very best to pull you off.


At world record level - the rope connecting you to the boat is nearly 2m shorter than it needs to be to reach the turn buoy

- meaning the skiers body has to make up the shortfall. 

Freddie Winter
Will Asher
Thomas Degasperi
Corey Vaughn
Adam Sedlmajer
Freddie Winter at full stretch
Thomas Degasperi
Tyler Yager
Freddie Bear Winter GBR
Will Asher GBR
Nate Smith USA
Will Asher GBR
Waterskier at Dusk
PEople & Venue
Stunning sunset over the lake
Cable Wakeboarding at Thorpe Lakes
Nautique Ski Boats on the Arena
Nautique Waterski Boat
Thorpe Lakes Entrance
JBSki.Com - Wakeboard and Waterski
The JBSki Arena
Thorpe Lakes at Sunset
SUP at Thorpe Lakes
Event hosting at Thorpe Lakes
John Battleday - Organiser
Richard Mattos
Thorpe Lakes
Thorpe Lakes Beach Area
Arena and St Annes Lake Aerial
Hog roast
Arena Lake Aerial View
The Bridge to Thorpe Lakes
Thorpe Lakes Sunset

Great British Water Skiers

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